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The Original Selfie Stick Tripod – Many Have Imitated, None Have Duplicated.

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Introducing The SelfieStand – The perfect solution for video makers.

It’s the Ultimate Value Package for iPhone, Samsung & GoPro owners Get the #1 Rated GoPro Pole, plus our HD Tripod Accessory and Bluetooth Remote - It's the Ultimate Heavy-Duty package – and Ultra-Portable at the same time. It's got 4 Modes:
  1. Selfie Stick mode
  2. Handheld Tripod mode
  3. Tabletop Tripod mode
  4. Elevated Mode .. A.k.a SelfieStand Mode!
The rugged camera pole extends from 12" to 36" inches long. When mounted on the 6-inch tripod to form The SelfieStand – you can elevate the camera from 18" to 42" high, so you can get that perfect camera angle, wherever you are. Great for demo videos, interviews, time-lapses, live streaming, vlogs, recording presentations, group photos and more. Pair the included Bluetooth remote with your phone to snap photos at a distance up to 30 meters away, and even start/stop video recording. Works inside Instagram & Snapchat too for hands-free snap videos & boomerangs that will blow your friends away.


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What You’re Gonna Get:

  • 1 HD Extendable Monopod (12"-36", waterproof)

  • 1 HD Mini 6" Tripod

  • 1 HD Metal XL Universal Phone Mount (fits any phone 2.30"-3.75" inches wide)

  • 1 GoPro Adapter w/ Screw

  • 1 Bluetooth Shutter w/ Pole Clip & Mini-USB Charger (iOS & Android only)

  • 1 Convenient Carry Bag that Fits Everything

  • 1 Extra Universal Phone Mount (2.30"-3.5")

Premium Quality – Use it a Million Ways.

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  • Extends from 18"-42" tall
  • Wide base, sturdy tripod
  • Pivoting tripod head
  • EASY to use, and fits in your backpack!
  • Stand it on the floor or tabletop, and use the included Bluetooth remote

  • Durable and up to 1/2 inch wider than typical clamps, so it fits your big phone.
    • Fits any phone up to 3.75 inches wide - including any iPhone model: 12 series, 11 series, Pro, Max, Xr, XS, 8 7 6 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy, Note and more.
    tripod gopro 2 Why choose us: copycat brands with funny names are flooding the market.
    You will never have to worry about your gear breaking on your journey by choosing the real SelfieStand by Lifestyle Designs.

    If the selfie stick stands on the tripod, how tall will it be? Is it adjustable in length?

    The selfie stick length is adjustable. Standing on the tripod at its shortest length, it's approx 1.5 feet tall, and fully extended it's approx 3.5 feet tall. (feel free to check out more photos of it standing in the customer images section).

    Does this support Snapchat video recording, or does it only work for taking pictures on Snapchat?

    It takes both videos and photos with the Snapchat app. Just hold the shutter button down to record videos.

    Is this waterproof?

    The selfie stick and phone clamp/GoPro clamp are waterproof. The Bluetooth remote is not.

    Can this hold your phone in portrait mode (vs landscape) without falling over?

    Yes the Premium HD Selfie Stick & Tripod can hold your phone in portrait mode.

    Does the Bluetooth remote requires a charger or needs a new battery?

    The battery is included and no charger required.

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