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1) Clean off your phone case before sticking on. A flat, smooth surface is required (Note: it does not stick on silicone, leather, or textured cases! If you need a new case, we offer iPhone cases on our storefront that work perfectly!)

2) Carefully peel off the adhesive on the back.

3) Place it carefully about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the bottom of your phone case (when holding your phone in texting-mode with one hand, you want your middle finger to be aligned with the ring).  Make sure it's centered – you get one shot!

4) Press down and rubaround all edges firmly for 30 seconds! This will ensure a strong stick!

5) Slide your cards inthe back pocket.  Cash goes in the front pocket – tuck it under the hood!

* If you have trouble sliding your card in at first, don't worry! The spandex will loosen up (sometimes it can be a bit tight straight out of the box).

Solution: 1) Use a finger to create space, then 2) slide the card up and down until it reaches the bottom. 

** The spandex will loosen up over 2 weeks. By then, it should be the perfect tightness to easily slide cards in and out, while still being secure. Our goal was to make the pocket nice and snug so even 1 card won't fall out!  If you still have trouble fitting cards in after 2 weeks, please reach out!

 stickywallet instructions



• Keep cards in the back pocket, and cash in the front pocket.

• The card slot can be a bit tight when it arrives. It will loosen up! Pull it out and jimmy your card in and it should go all the way down. 

Tuck cash under the hood to keep it hidden & secure!

• The front pocket is also suitable to store keys, coins, or your Airpods. 


Tips using the Ring:

• The ring is great as a kickstand to watch videos– in horizontal or vertical mode!
• The ring doubles as a convenient way to more securely hold your phone.  Use it in whatever way feels comfortable!

For The StickyWallet +Strap:

• The finger strap is meant to be a comfortable way to more securely hold your phone. Use it in any way that feels comfortable.  When texting, most people slide their middle finger in. 

• The strap is also suitable to temporarily store your Juul, chapstick, keys, your Airpods, a pen, or anything you want to strap in.

• Your AirPods can also go in the cash pocket and be tucked under the hood

For The StickyWallet +Mount:


All StickyWallet FAQ:

My card(s) won’t fit inside: 

We designed the spandex pocket to be snug like a glove to keep your essential cards secure.  At first, it can be a bit tight, so try pulling open the pocket with a finger, then jimmy in the the card incrementally. It should go all the way down.  Over your first couple weeks, it will loosen up so your cards will comfortably slide in, while remaining secure. To remove cards, press your thumb over the top card and slide up. If you have issues, please contact us!


It won’t stick on: 

It doesn’t stick well to textured, leather or silicone cases, such as Apple’s cases. It sticks best to flat, smooth hard cases. If it’s not sticking, contact us.


Does it work with wireless charging?
It will cover the wireless charging area, so this won’t work. 

Can I peel it off and re-stick it on another case?

It’s meant for single-use.  However, if you want, you can re-stick it using your favorite super glue (at your own risk to your case). 


Can I stick it directly on my phone?
Yep, if you prefer! But most people stick it on a case.

Will it damage my case/phone if I peel it off?
It can leave some adhesive residue behind. Use a your favorite alcohol-based cleaner to scrape it off carefully and it shouldn’t damage your case. Try peeling it off slowly to minimize this.


It won’t stay on my magnetic mount:

Some magnetic mounts are stronger than others, so sometimes it won’t mount strongly to the metal plate inside. If you have issues, contact us.

Will it damage my credit cards if I use it on a magnetic mount?

It shouldn’t be an issue. Regular magnet mounts are not strong enough to.

If it starts to peel off, what do I do?
We’ll replace it free of charge for up to 1 year, when you register your warranty via the QR code on this box. Or, if you’re committed, you can always use your favorite super glue;)

If you have any questions, just reach out!