StickyWallet MagSafe – Instructions & How-to

StickyWallet MagSafe – Instructions & Tips 

Demo video:


1) Place it on your iPhone or MagSafe case
2) Slide in 1-5 cards, all the way down
3) Take off the wallet to use wireless charging
4) Remove cards by sliding up with a thumb while holding down the wallet with your other thumb so it doesn't move.

Enjoy the convenience!


• The front hidden pocket is great for cash, coins, an AirTag, or any small little things!
• Holds 1-5 cards. Keep your most used card on top!


Card(s) aren't sliding in easily:

The spandex can be a bit tight out of the box. Don't worry! It will loosen up a bit over 1-2 weeks. We designed it to be snug like a glove to keep 1-5 of your essential cards secure. Solution: Slide the card down and up repeatedly until it reaches the bottom. It should go all the way down. To remove cards, slide up with your thumb.

Does it work with wireless charging?

Yep, just slide it off when you need to use wireless charging.

Can I stick it directly to my phone?

Yep, it works directly on your new iPhone, or on a MagSafe case.

Can the magnets damage my cards?

Don't worry, it's safe. The magnets aren't strong enough to damage cards.

How does it differ from the Apple MagSafe Wallet?

It's the same magnetic technology, with a better design! Why it's better: 1) it holds more cards, 2) cards don't fall out, and 3) it's got 2 pockets!

When I tap the wallet on a card reader, it's not registering.

This won't work in all circumstances because it depends on the strength of the card reader.

It's sliding off too easily.

Some MagSafe cases have stronger magnets than others. We recommend using official Apple cases.

It is durable?

Very! It's built with premium materials and lasts a long time.

Is it washable?

Yes, use water and light fabric cleaner with a cloth to clean it!

Questions? Just email and we are there to serve you! Thanks for being a valued customer!