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Introducing The StickyWallet – The Original Spandex Stick-on Phone Wallet!

Try yours completely worry-free!

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America is raving about this popsockets & popwallet alternative! Just hear what customers are saying: "I don't miss my popsockets!" "I switched from my popwallet and I love it way better!"

Hey guys! Riley & Parker here, co-creators of The StickyWallet, the revolutionary wallet alternative that simply sticks to the back of your phone case. It's crafted with premium Spandex material so it holds EXTRA SECURELY – your stuff will NEVER fall out, unlike cheap copycats out there – go with the real deal and you will NOT be disappointed!

It's also got a unique finger strap for extra comfort – PLUS, it works with our Magnet Mount for your car! I LOVE the ultimate convenience of not having to carry my wallet everywhere – try it out and I know you will love it too! All our products come with our Love-It-Or-Else Promise, so if there's ever an issue just reach out and we'll take care of you! Cheers and One Love!

3 Reasons We're Different!


1. Double Pocket

Cards slide easily into the back pocket (holds up to 6 cards)

Cash goes in a separate, tucked away pocket in the front (holds up to 20 bills)

2. Finger Strap

The unique finger strap is a bonus that helps you more securely hold your phone when calling or texting. It feels great.

3. Works with our Magnet Mount!

It has a unique metal plate built into the front, so it mounts to our Magnet Mount! PERFECT for the car. (sold in our storefront)

Bonus: the metal layer also blocks RFID.

The StickyWallet works with any flat-back phone case. Simply stick it on and enjoy! It's extremely sticky so it won't peel off easily.

Fits any size phone case, such as any iPhone, any Samsung Galaxy, and any Android phone like LG, Oppo, Huawei, or any phone – you get the point! Just make sure your phone case has a smooth-flat back for the 3M adhesive to stick to.

In the box:

  • 1 x The StickyWallet
  • 1 x Welcome Card w/ Surprise Gift

How to stick on: 


1) PEEL OFF: First, clean off your phone case. Then carefully peel off the adhesive film from the corner and get ready to stick it onto your case.

2) STICK-ON: Place it about ¼ to ½ inch from the bottom of your phone case (Tip: when holding your phone with one hand, you want the ring to align with your middle finger). Make sure it’s centered, before carefully placing it on – it’s very sticky, so you get one shot! Rub firmly around the edges for 30 secs to affirm the adhesive.

3) LOAD UP: Keep your essential cards in the back slot – they should go all the way down – you may need to jimmy the first one in. Folded cash goes in the front pocket – tuck it under the flap to keep it secure & hidden! It can fit 5 cards and 10 bills. Tip: the front pocket is also great for keeping keys or Airpods.

4) FREE UP: The strap doubles as a way to more securely & comfortably hold your phone. Enjoy! Your life is now that much simpler. 

My card(s) won’t fit all the way inside: 

We designed the spandex pocket to be snug like a glove to keep your essential cards secure. At first, it can be a bit tight, so try pulling open the pocket with a finger, then jimmy in the card incrementally. It should go all the way down. Over your first couple weeks, it will loosen up so your cards will comfortably slide in, while remaining secure. To remove cards, press your thumb over the top card and slide up. If you have issues, please contact us!

It won’t stick on: 

It doesn’t stick well to textured, leather or silicone cases, such as Apple’s cases. It sticks best to flat, smooth hard cases. If it’s not sticking, contact us.

Does it work with wireless charging?

It will cover the wireless charging area, so this won’t work. 

Can I peel it off and re-stick it on another case?

It’s meant for single-use. However, if you want, you can re-stick it using your favorite super glue (at your own risk to your case). 

Can I stick it directly on my phone?

Yep, if you prefer! But most people stick it on a case.

Will it damage my case/phone if I peel it off?

It can leave some adhesive residue behind. Use your favorite alcohol-based cleaner to scrape it off carefully and it shouldn’t damage your case. Try peeling it off slowly to minimize this. 

If it starts to peel off, what do I do?

We’ll replace it free of charge for up to 1 year when you register your warranty via the QR code on this box. Or, if you’re committed, you can always use your favorite super glue;)

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