July 21, 2020 3 min read

Hey guys! Riley here, alongside co-founder Parker. Thanks for checking out our site! Before I get into the product, I'll first share a quick introduction about who we are.

Our small business journey

This journey started back in 2015 with the launch of our first successful cell-phone accessory, The SelfieStand. It was a wild success and became a bestseller on Amazon. Our mission from the beginning was to create a business based on creating accessories that we actually want ourselves.

Since then, we've launched several phone accessories, some successful and some not – it's been a journey with ups and downs for sure!

Flash forward to Holiday 2018 with the initial launch of The StickyWallet to rave reviews, and then Holiday 2019 with the launch of The StickyWallet Ring, or, as some call it, The StickyWallet 2.0... to the best reception we've seen yet!


Why did we create The StickyWallet?

Well, it kind of happened naturally. Personally, I'd lost my wallet a number of times over the years. I had noticed a friend using a stick-on card holder, so I became curious as a way to not have to worry about carrying a wallet. But the one they had made of what felt like cheap rubber, and credit cards would fall out... So, I did what I naturally do, and set out to improve it! Many ideas and iterations later, we came out with The StickyWallet!

We're wildly excited about The StickyWallet lineup so far, and we're just getting started! Ok, enough about us:)

So, what is The StickyWallet?

It's a 'wallet' that sticks to the back of your phone case. It allows you to keep your essential cards right on your phone... and cash too!

The StickyWallet Ring

What makes The StickyWallet different, and why is it the best stick cell phone wallet?


1. It's completely made of spandex!

The stretchy material is perfect because it keeps your cards snug – even a single card stays securely fastened (unlike the cheapo rubber ones where you have to keep at least 2 cards in there just so they don't fall out)


2. It's got a hidden front pocket!

The expandable spandex is also PERFECT for the hidden front pocket because you can stuff a lot in there – great for keeping cash, keys, airpods, coins, chapstick, a Tile tracker, Apple tag,  or anything you wanna stuff in there!


3. It's got a finger strap and kickstand/ring.

The StickyWallet has an elastic finger strap on the front!  It's a convenient way to hold your phone more securely & comfortably by slipping your finger in.  It can also be used to secure some chapstick, a Juul, some cash or something you just wanna strap on to your phone real quick.

The StickyWallet Ring has a metal ring/kickstand built-in! The zinc-alloy ring is another take on a way to more comfortably & securely hold your phone – while texting, on a call, or just walking. And the best part... it doubles as a kickstand! Sooo handy for standing up your phone to watch videos! At your desk, at a cafe, on a plane, I literally use it all the time.


 The StickyWallet


In summary, it's been a long journey for our small business with ups and downs, and The StickyWallet is our newest product that has been getting AMAZING reviews so far! We hope you love using it as much as I do every single day! (I have literally not carried a wallet since using this... my wallet stays home, storing all the cards I rarely use). I love marketing this product because I'm literally it's #1 fan! 😅


Ok! There's a little intro guys!  If you have any questions or inquiries for us, just reach out!