July 21, 2020 4 min read

Comparing features of The StickyWallet +Ring vs The Popwallet+ | Review of two stick-on cell phone wallets – which one is best?

[Enter Marcel, world traveler, and social media guru]

Over my years of semi-professional adulting, I’ve grown to despise one of the more compulsory accessories to the adult wardrobe…the wallet. Don’t get me wrong, pocket wallets have had a good run in the past.

But when you can purchase everything from a candy bar to a $1M Ashton Martin with the swipe of a phone, who needs to carry around a wad of cash nowadays? Wallets are now nothing more than pocket sized lockers used to hoard random business cards that we’ll never use.

Luckily, there are a handful of pioneers in this world that have realized the same issue and have decided to do something about it. *Key in the skylights from heaven and overly dramatic background chorus music* Phone wallets!

Originally, I thought to go with the popular PopsocketPopwallet+. After a few minutes of research (always do your research kids), I came across another interesting option calledThe StickyWallet +Ring by Lifestyle Designs.

Because I suffer from a mild disorder called “Poor Financial Habits”, I decided to buy one Popwallet+, and one StickyWallet Ring. I’ll do the honors of giving you my feedback on both smartphone wallets.

The PopWallet+

This smartphone accessory is a recent addition to the company’s collection which previously focused on providing Popgrips, a collapsible and removable attachment that acts as a phone stand and allows for improved selfie/texting grip.

Popsocket has now expanded to include a detachable wallet that allows for an easy and instant storage/removal of up to 3 credit cards (or 6 business cards).

So what’s there to like? Right off the back, I appreciate that both the Popgrip and Popwallet attachments are interchangeable. If I’m ever bored of a certain color scheme, I can exchange the grip for a fresh new design or easily swap the wallet to match any outfit of the day. Another great feature is that the Popwallet itself is easily detachable and doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. 

If you’re a little tight on funds, you can purchase the Popwallet individually and opt out of the optional Popgrip. This would save you a few dollars and remove the added bulkiness to your phone. You would, however, lose the phone stand and grip functionalities.

Now nothing in life is perfect, and phone wallets aren’t exceptions. A few concerns stood out to me after giving this product a try. After multiple removals of the wallet assembly, I began to notice the wallet shifting ever so slightly against my phone. Although it hasn’t happened, I worry that the wallet will accidentally detach one day without my knowledge.

What was once ample space to slide your fingers between the Popgrip and your phone, is now cramped by the added thickness of the wallet. This makes it a tad bit difficult to securely grip the phone. One more thing to keep in mind for you iPhone fanatics, the Popwallet does not stick to iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Popwallet+ Pros & Cons


✅Wallet and grips are interchangeable 

✅Removable and allows for wireless charging

✅Can opt out of the bulky grip 


🚫Wallet assembly shifts slightly after wear

🚫Limited space to grasp grip and phone

🚫Incompatible with iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max

🚫Retail price around $30.00

The StickyWallet +Ring

This simple but effective smartphone accessory, developed by a couple of travelers determined to solve their own problems, is a great alternative to the more expensive Popwallet+. This stick-on wallet (Available on Amazon) can hold up to 5 credit cards snugly held tight by premium spandex fabric. The built in metal ring acts as a phone stand for watching videos and a finger grip for texting, calling, and snapping pictures. 

I was instantly impressed by how tight and secure the spandex wrapping is. I’m also a fan of the material’s flexibility which allows me to store items other than money and cards should I have to. A really interesting featurstickywallet spandex stick on phone wallete you don’t find in many phone wallets is the thin, lightweight, metallic plate built within the wallet which allows the phone to securely attach to any magnetic mount and also acts as a RFID blocker. The installation is extremely intuitive and simple and the highly adhesive 3M film sticks to ANY phone/phone case.

There are a few drawbacks to this one as well. If you’re afraid of commitment, you might be hesitant to go with the stick-on wallet. Once the 3M adhesive is applied, you’ll be unable to remove the attachment without rendering the wallet useless. Not to worry though, even if you choose to remove the wallet, no scratches will be left behind and the adhesive residue cleans right off.

I noticed that the ring can be quite tight at times and might require a little extra effort to access. Although I rarely use wireless charging, I thought it’d be a good idea to mention that wireless charging is not possible with this option because the wallet is not detachable. 

The StickyWallet +Ring Pros & Cons


✅Items fit securely in tight spandex

✅Flexible material to fit a variety of items

✅Compatible with magnetic mounts and blocks RFID

✅Retail price: $19.99



🚫One time use; cannot remove & reapply

🚫Ring may be a little difficult to maneuver

🚫Blocks wireless charging


So which one is best for you?

This question is difficult to answer. Which part of the day is better—day time or night time? It’s all a matter of preference. Some people care about wireless charging, some don’t. Some people like the interchangeable feature, some enjoy simplicity. Price-wise, The StickyWallet wins. The Popwallet is more of an investment at $30, compared to $20. 

Whatever your preference, these are both quality products worth considering. Have any of you had any experience with these products? If so, please share your feedback in the comments below!

- Guest post by
 Marcel Clark, world traveler, and social media guru.