May 08, 2020 2 min read

All of us who have dropped our phones know how sad it feels to pick it up and see that shattered glass 😩

This is part of the reason that pop sockets and ring grips have become popular. They stick on to your phone case and provides that extra grip that prevents you from dropping your phone. 

But what's the difference between a circular pop up like on the Popsocket and Popwallet+ and a ring grip like on The StickyWallet?


The biggest difference is it's like a circle so you generally need to pinch it with 2 fingers.

  • You need 2 fingers to grip it
  • If your hand gets bumped, it may fall if you don't squeeze your fingers
  • Collapsible for a slim profile
  • Grippable in any angle

Ring grip:

The main thing here is you put your finger through it, so you only need 1 finger to hold it. This gives you a larger variety of positions that you can grip it.

  • You only need 1 finger needed to grip it
  • If your hand gets bumped, it's less likely fall because your finger is 'wearing' the ring 
  • Many gripping positions
    • Texting mode
    • Phone call mode
    • Fist grip mode
    • Coffee-mug mode
  • Can pivot to any angle
  • Collapsible for a slim profile
    • Bonus: The StickyWallet +Bling has bling on the ring!

    Check out some of the grip modes:

    Texting mode: 
    your pointer finger or middle finger is in the ring. Great for one-handed texting.


    Phone call mode: put your index finger in the ring for security when on a phone call (when you forget your Airpods:).


    Fist grip mode: Try this! Great for watching videos & scrolling when on the couch or in bed. Super comfy because you can basically relax your hand.


    Coffee mug mode: You can carry a mug and your phone at the same time! Don't try it with Popsockets:)

    phone ring grip coffee mug


    Fun fact: The StickyWallet +Bling has a diamond embedded in the ring! 

    So in the end, what is the best phone grip: the Popsocket or the Ring? Well, it's up to you!  The pop circle takes 2 fingers to grip, while the ring takes 1 finger. It depends what floats your boat! 

    And of course, they both function as a kickstand – but that's for another review comparison!


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